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How the PFSbrands Print Shop Can Help Your Store Stand Out and Drive Customers In!

All retailers of a PFSbrands branded foodservice program receive the added benefit of being able to use our in-house full-service print shop that offers quick, custom design pieces such as menus, signage, apparel and promotional items.

As a retailer, you won’t have to worry about ordering or designing signage – we do that for you! Just work with your Business Advisor on what needs you have – whether it’s for outdoor signage, window signage, interior signage, apparel or additional marketing materials. Our team will submit the order for you, work with our design team and get it shipped to your location.

Whether you are a Champs Chicken or BluTaco franchisee, participate in our Cooper’s Express program, or have your own private label program, we can help create the following materials for you and your location.



It’s important to grab your customers’ attention before they even walk in your door with outdoor signage. Regardless of your need, we have options to hang promotional materials and brand signage on the exterior wall of your store, outside near your gas pumps, in a grassy area or sidewalk or on any other pole signage outside your location. Options include:

  1. Sidewalk Frame
  2. Outdoor Banner
  3. Pump Topper Frame
  4. Feather Flag
  5. Yard Sign
  6. Outdoor Pole Sign
  7. Illuminated Sign Insert
  8. Illuminated or Non-Illuminated Outdoor Sign


Blog-8-WindowWindow signage is an important tool to help promote your high-selling items, special promotions and close up pictures of your food to grab the attention of customers filling up with gas or walking into your store. The variety of window signage available can be placed on your door or window to capture the most attention. Options include:

  1. Vinyl Decals
  2. Static Clings
  3. View Thru Vinyl
  4. Window Poster
  5. Cardstock Poster


Blog-8-IndoorIn addition to your menu boards, display large photos of select menu items or hot promotional items that will grab your customer’s attention, pull them in and prompt a purchase. Once customers enter your store, it’s important to have clear, easy-to-read signage that directs them to your hot case or grab & go area. You’ll want to ensure you have every product labelled correctly with any other instructions or Order/Pickup signage highly visible. Plus, if you have seating available in your location, don’t forget to put signage on the tables to promote specials or premium items. Options include:

  1. Cabinet Front
  2. Hot Case Decals
  3. Cold Case/Grab & Go Decals
  4. Order/Pickup Signs
  5. Pan Identifier Signs & Clips
  6. Takeout Menus & Holder
  7. Napkin Dispenser Insert
  8. Table Tents
  9. Table Top Flip Stand & Inserts
  10. Promotional Kit
  11. Metal Floor Stand
  12. Snap Frames


Blog-8-ApparelMake sure your staff looks sleek with branded apparel items. Depending on which PFSbrands program you have, we have the following apparel items available:

  1. Apron
  2. Hat
  3. Deli T-Shirt
  4. Visor
  5. Chef Coat
  6. Jacket
  7. Polo
  8. Champs Chicken Suit – Reserve the suit for FREE!


Blog-8-MktgIt’s not all about signage! We have other marketing resources that will help promote your foodservice program and drive customer activity, including:

  1. Loyalty Cards
  2. Bounce Back Coupons
  3. Bag Stuffers/Flyers
  4. Every Door Direct Mail (EDMM) Postcard Mailers
  5. Ingredient Labels / Breakfast Labels


If our print shop services sound like they are too good to be true, contact us to learn more about our programs and how this is just one of 10 fanatical levels of support we provide to our retailers.

Fill out this short form to submit a request for a quick call. We look forward to talking to you soon!

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