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Marketing Signage and Your Location

Advertising on-site is one of the best ways to get customers buying your products. So why do people think less is more when it comes to signage? Proper signage can help increase your sales, drive traffic to new products, and make your business more successful.

Signage at Your Store can Make the Difference

Signage is the silent salesperson we all rely on to lead, guide, entice, tempt and grab customer attention. Solid representation of a brand through signage is one of the top influencers of any store’s growth.

On a recent visit to a Champs location, there were a couple fast-casual diners and three QSR’s in the same plaza. In fact, one QSR was in the same building with Champs Chicken on the right and burger joint on the left. This concentrated option of eateries is highly competitive and all are heavily signed.

On top of the marquee sign at the lot entrance, was the first Champs Chicken sign I spotted. Eleven more Champs Chicken signs were displayed across the front of the retail location. These signs included large window clings, 13” x 19” posters and a sidewalk sign with a large National Promotion sign on one side and a Premium Chicken Sandwich poster on the other side. The staff said that sales of the sandwich were going strong, even after a promotional offer ended. They also said that having the large sign out front promoting the sandwich helped to grab the customer’s attention.

Once a customer enters, signage inside clearly shows the location of the cold case chicken, as well as the hot case for a fresh, hand-breaded Champs meal. This store used signage to stay competitive and drive sales for new products. Without signage for the chicken sandwiches, which were brand new at the time, their customers wouldn’t have even known they carried the new product.

One or Two Signs is NOT Enough

Having enough signage present is essential. Signs create additional brand awareness, help customers locate products quickly, guides their decision-making when specials and limited-time-offers (LTO’s) are displayed, and can even inspire hunger with their visual appeal.

Without proper signage, how would your customers even know about promotions or offers? You can train your staff to talk about them, but signs help customers make decisions on their own. Signs can also help draw customers from their “usually scheduled program” to new areas of the store, such as your hot case.

Pump topper frames in the forecourt entice drivers to come inside that may only ever stop for gas, while sidewalk frames help direct shoppers to your offerings. These silent salespeople are always promoting your business!


So take advantage of a proven, cost-effective advertising medium, and be sure your store is properly signed to reach your maximum sales potential!

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