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Our Customer Service team is full of foodservice and equipment experts who are on call to assist you with any questions you may have!

No matter what vendor you pick for a foodservice program, something will go wrong at some point. Equipment doesn’t last forever, customers won’t be satisfied 100% of the time, and you never know what outside factors may affect your business – or when. At PFSbrands, we know that when you’re not up and running, neither are we. That’s why our Customer Success team is ready with the processes in place to help you solve any issues that come up quickly and efficiently.


Our team of equipment experts are on call to answer any kitchen equipment or parts question you may have when running your foodservice program. A few key benefits to our Equipment & Parts team is:

  1. The ability to source parts for all kitchen equipment manufacturers at a much lower cost compared to other parts vendors.
  2. 24/7 support for all retailer equipment and parts needs.
  3. Over-the-phone troubleshooting to limit downtime of the retailer, the number of service calls, and cost.

Think of it this way: typically, when you as a foodservice retailer have an issue with a piece of equipment in your store, you have to call a technician to come on site, evaluate and order parts since that’s how technicians make money. With PFSbrands, all you have to do in this situation is call our Customer Success team, and we are incentivized to solve the problem over the phone as quickly as possible. Because, when you aren’t up and running, neither are we! Oftentimes, we are able to fix the problem over the phone and save you money.


We hang our hat on our cutting-edge technology solutions that enable retailers to make smart business decisions based on data and run their stores as efficiently as possible. But if you ever need technical support or have questions, our Retail Technology team is there to help you with:

  1. Point-of-sale help desk
  2. ComTab, PFSnet, People Counter, Occupancy Counter, Hot Case Camera support
  3. Ongoing digital menu maintenance


The Net Promoter Score® (NPS) is a proactive tool that empowers our retailers to regularly grade PFSbrands’ services and support. The Customer Success team conducts the NPS tool via a quick one-question survey that we email out to retailers every quarter.

Why should NPS matter to you?

  1. Provides an efficient, direct channel of communication to our headquarters
  2. We use the responses to address and fix concerns or issues brought by real customers
  3. All scores and responses are shared with the Senior Leadership Team, and all individual responses are personally followed up on by a human being
  4. Gives you confidence that we are proactive about issues you may be encountering, are developing internal systems to address/correct issues, and care about your long-term success


Mistakes happen in foodservice, and we have a program to help fix those mistakes. If any of your customers reach out to our corporate office regarding poor service at your location, we will provide them a complimentary Champs Chicken Card to drive them back to your store. This program provides you the opportunity to make a better impression to disappointed customers to turn them into repeat customers.

We’ll handle all of the logistics: receiving the complaint, sending the Complimentary Champs Chicken Card with a unique identifier code to the customer, and reimbursing you for full retail amount of the card value by having funds withdrawn from your Marketing Development Fund (MDF).


The best part of all of these services? There’s only one phone number you need to call to reach us, even after hours, regardless of your challenge or question. You’ll find it prominently displayed on our website, too. After all, the PFSbrands motto is: Our Support. Your Success.


If you're wondering how a PFSbrands foodservice program can help improve your profitability, contact us today to get the conversation started. Fill out this short form to submit a request for a quick call. We look forward to talking to you soon!

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