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PFSbrands has a team of marketing experts and Marketing Development Funds (MDF) dedicated to growing your store sales.

Advertising initiatives are powerful tools to connect with your customers and grow your business. PFSbrands foodservice marketing professionals and our full-service print shop will provide your store with unprecedented levels of marketing support and expertise to grow your store sales.

Here are a few ways we can help you build your hot food program with quality marketing: interior and exterior store signage, advertising in your local community, national promotions, your own promotional efforts, a loyalty program and direct communications with your customers…and we will provide some of the funds!


PFSbrands invests up to 6% of your product purchases into a Marketing Development Fund that we use to help grow your franchise sales. Our goal is to increase your sales year after year, and we have a variety of programs that we pay for that help support your growth. Plus, you can request use of these funds for your own marketing efforts.

Examples of Programs Currently Funded by MDF That Help Grow Your Sales

We invest monthly dollars to three primary programs:

  1. Online Reputation Management: Manages your online reputation through reviews, online listings, and social presence.
  2. Facebook Paid Ads: These ads promote specials, menu items, and drive people to your store.
  3. Secret Shops: Helps improve customer experience, bringing your customers back again.

Franchisee Access to Funds

Reach out to your Business Advisor or Retail Advertising Specialist to request the use of available funds for local marketing initiatives you’d like to implement. Examples include billboards/radio/print/TV, signage, coupons, loyalty cards, community sponsorships, social media, samples and discount reimbursements.

Be aware – these funds do expire so it’s even more important to continually work with your Business Advisor on marketing initiatives to grow your business.

Monthly Reports

PFSbrands is an Open-Book Management company, so we also provide you with monthly recap reports showing:

  1. MDF available for local sales growth initiatives
  2. How MDF has been utilized
  3. VIR projections


To provide you with the best individualized strategic support, we have a team of marketing experts that are dedicated to helping you promote your franchise location and grow your sales.

  1. Store info listed on the corporate website
  2. Store signage and branding
  3. Annual marketing plan & budget
  4. Quarterly national promotions & custom promotions
  5. Graphic design support
  6. Help evaluating campaign results
  7. Online Reputation Management (ORM)
  8. Social media education & support
  9. Third party advertising support
  10. Temporary Price Reductions (TPR) reimbursements funded by MDF
  11. Product sampling
  12. Community & cause marketing campaigns
  13. Third-party delivery, takeout or curbside pickup resources


We have a variety of Marketing Resources to help support your promotional activities. These include:

  1. Dedicated marketing webpage with resources to download
  2. Marketing Playbook
  3. Annual Promotions Planner
  4. Print Shop Catalog
  5. MDF Claim Forms
  6. MDF Policies & Procedures
  7. Photo Library: logos, product images, and social media graphics
  8. QSR Nation Podcast with helpful foodservice business tips and tricks
  9. COVID-19 Resources webpage with strategies & resources to better serve your customers


If you're thinking all of these marketing support services sound great, contact us to learn how you can become a PFSbrands franchisee! Visit pfsbrands.com to learn more about our foodservice solutions and how we can help you implement a profitable foodservice program for your store.

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