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Our technology solutions help you make smarter business decisions that ultimately increase your revenue.

Our cutting-edge technology systems are designed to give PFSbrands retailers the resources that enable them to make smart business decisions based on data and to run their stores as efficiently as possible. Once purchased, retailers will receive full training and technical support on an ongoing basis.

Each of our proprietary technology solutions are built to help PFSbrands retailers succeed:


Hot Case CameraYou now have the opportunity to monitor the look of your hot case and make adjustments to ensure the best consumer experience. The Hot Case Camera easily monitors the look of your hot case to ensure it’s clean and fully stocked – this helps improve your training processes and provide staff feedback. Plus, you can access images 24/7 from any device. Ultimately, this helps ensure your customers receive a positive experience!


Occupancy CounterEasily practice social distancing through this automated software! Monitor and report on customers entering and exiting your facility with an easy-to-use, web-based occupancy counter. This Occupancy Counter features a sensor that captures customer traffic at each entrance and exit. The data reveals invaluable insights into customers’ shopping behaviors, patron visitation patterns, and the impact of external sources so you can make sophisticated decisions based on data.


Order Management SystemOur Order Management System including the tablet (POS) and People Counter enable you to track daily sales by product, store traffic, waste reports, inventory management and more! Accessible 24/7, this data allows you to make staffing and inventory decisions to help streamline your business.


Blog-6-1-Tech-DigMenuThis cloud-managed Digital Menu System (included with commercial-grade monitors, a quad driver system, mounting materials and more) provides a professional look and allows for real-time updates to your menu or time sensitive marketing promotions.


PFSnet_CradlePointConnecting all of your technology together, this plug-and-play network router is separate from any existing network in order to provide a dependable internet connection. This ensures a secure cloud connection to help your digital pieces run smoothly.


Communication TabletThe Communication Tablet (ComTab) is your in-store utility tool used to track cooking and inspection logs, run in-store challenges to increase employee engagement, and expedite the training process for new hires with training video certificate programs. It includes all marketing and support links for help at any time. 


We hang our hat on our technology solutions and believe they will truly bring added value and efficiencies to your foodservice program. Don’t believe us? Learn how this Champs Chicken location steadily increased their profit margin through our technology.


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