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Bryan Davis

Director of Field Operations

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I've been in this business for over 30 years, and I've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly in convenience stores and grocery stores throughout the country. I know what makes stores GROW and I know what makes them decline or stay stagnant. Do you want to see your year-over-year revenue INCREASE? Then read on! 

This month we aren't stepping inside your store, we are starting where your customers start... OUTSIDE. 

STEP 1: Draw in Customers with EXTERIOR Signage

Billboard Signage


Guess what? Your target customer drives on roads. A large billboard next to a busy highway or popular intersection ATTRACTS customers to your store who otherwise wouldn't have stopped OR, worse, customers would have chosen a different, competing location. Billboard advertising is consistent exposure to on-the-go-customers:  YOUR target customer!


Pole/Monument Sign

The large sign at the entrance of your convenience store or grocery store is called the Monument Sign or Pole Sign. This large sign tells customers driving down the road what is available at your location and identifies where they should turn to enter your location.

Check out the example image! The sign is large with both food brands represented and next to the road: TWO wins! One improvement for this sign would be for the food logos to be higher up on the sign. This will guarantee visibility for customers driving on the road. Customers know you sell gasoline or groceries, it's time to upsell them with your food offerings!


Building Sign

Place your food program logo as close to the entrance of your location as possible. Whether customers are at your location for groceries, to grab a soda or snack, or to simply use the restroom, by placing the sign nearest to the entrance, you can attract their attention as they are walking in. This will let them know that you have the crave-able meal options they are looking for!


Use Marketing Development Funds to Cover the Expense of Your Exterior Signage!

You can utilize Marketing Development Funds for outdoor illuminated and non-illuminated signage, feather flags, billboards, state highway signs at exits, sidewalk signs, yard signs, large exterior signs, and more.

Contact our Retail Advertising Specialists for assistance with your exterior signage marketing!

MDF@pfsbrands.com | (573) 896-0300





Last updated 1/15/2021