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Your Key to Saving Time and Avoiding Costly Delays and Mistakes

Once you decide on the right PFSbrands foodservice program, our Store Planning team can help you visualize and better understand how to implement the program in your location.

With our Store Planning services, our objective is to professionally design the foodservice sections of your store in order to optimize your performance and efficiency. It’s important to develop a well thought-out plan upfront. When design services are needed, your Regional Business Developer will engage the services of PFSbrands Department of Store Planning and Design to assist in this process.

Initially, that plan takes into account the available space and what commercial equipment is required to produce the high-quality food you intend to serve your customers. However, the hallmark of a well-designed commercial kitchen and serving area is one which arranges the equipment and work areas in such a way that fits the space and also facilitates outstanding work flow.




Development and Design

  1. Design complete store or kitchen/deli area by a Certified Store Designer (C.S.D.)
  2. Produce floor plans for new store build or remodel
  3. Recommend equipment for space and provide specs
  4. Provide all design specifications
  5. Utilize precise field measurements to ensure accuracy
  6. Verify existing store dimensions, store equipment and provide updated AutoCAD® design
  7. Incorporate cabinet, shelving and equipment into drawings
  8. Include electrical and plumbing requirements

Procurement Management

  1. Collaborate closely with client to determine proper equipment specifications
  2. Generate proposal for the right equipment and signage fitting the available space and budget
  3. Coordinate with general contractor to establish a schedule for equipment delivery
  4. Supply quotes, specs and warranty coverage for all equipment

Project Management

  1. Produce Scope-of-Work documents for retail partners
  2. Provide an innovative design that creates good work flow for staff and a positive experience for your customers
  3. Assist in purchasing all equipment and fixtures and provide all necessary invoicing
  4. Work closely with on-site contractor in design, scheduling and logistics


The planning and design services we offer are driven by seasoned professionals. Most importantly, this department supplies the services of a Certified Store Designer for new store builds and remodels. The staff is equipped with the unique knowledge and skills to provide proper guidance to grocery and c-store operators who are planning to expand their foodservice operations.

Of course, experience matters! As we work to meet your design needs, the expertise and tools of this team will allow you to:

  1. Access effective department layouts
  2. Make customizations to fit your circumstances
  3. Identify the right equipment for the job and space
  4. Facilitate outstanding work flow
  5. Avoid unnecessary delays in implementation
  6. Make your roll-out smoother and more organized


If you’re looking to learn more about how to get started or just want to browse, visit pfsbrands.com to learn more about our foodservice solutions and how we can help you implement a profitable foodservice program for your store.

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