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PFSbrands offers several foodservice options to choose from. As a retailer considering one of our programs in your location, it may seem overwhelming to know which one is right for you – but you don’t have to figure this out on your own.

Getting started or revamping your foodservice doesn’t have to be complicated. At PFSbrands, we have an entire team of foodservice and equipment experts dedicated to helping you understand the unique benefits of each program: Regional Business Developers.

PFSbrands Regional Business Developers (RBD’s) sole focus is to meet with prospective retailers like you, understand your business needs and desires, the challenges you face as an owner and manager, and help you choose a foodservice program that will be not only be profitable, but manageable to run effectively based on your unique situation. Located in your region, your RBD will help you plan, set up and launch a successful new hot food program in your c-store or grocery store.


Your RBD will come in and conduct an “in-store evaluation” for you. There is no obligation on your part. The goal of this evaluation is to better understand what challenges you face as well as what an average day in your store is like. They may ask you about your traffic patterns, sales trends, local competition, store size, businesses in the area, staffing needs, budget and so forth.

Your Regional Business Developer won’t stop with the basic details of your retail location. They’ll also be interested to understand any underlying issues that you face as an owner - 

  • Do you face constant employee turnover?
  • Do you feel grossly under-trained in running your current program or are you worried you'll be left to dry in implementing new processes?
  • Are you concerned about food safety and keeping up with FDA regulations?
  • Do you struggle with having enough traffic and don't know how to drive more foot traffic in your door?

Your Regional Business Developer will help explain all of the solutions that PFSbrands provides to fix each of these issues.

Your RBD will gladly cook product for you and your staff. Everyone will have an opportunity to experience the taste that will allow you to compete with KFC, Popeyes, Chick-fil-A and others.

In the end, we’ll determine together if PFSbrands is a good fit for you and your store. Our flagship brand - Champs Chicken - is not for everyone. Understanding your unique challenges and situation will better help your RBD know what foodservice option is best for your store – whether it be a full franchise or a lower cost of entry solution. Regardless of the path you take, our RBD’s will be there to professionally guide you through this process.

Ultimately, the discussions you have with your Regional Business Developer are meant to prevent you from wasting both time and money in choosing the wrong foodservice program for your store.

Doesn’t that sound like a good plan?


If you’re looking to learn more about how to get started or just want to browse, visit pfsbrands.com to learn more about our foodservice solutions and how we can help you implement a profitable foodservice program for your store.

Ready to get started NOW? We’d love to talk! Fill out this short form to submit a request for a quick call. We look forward to talking to you soon!

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