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With PFSbrands, you have access to an experienced HR team that provides training, resources, branded recruiting tools and more to help make recruiting, hiring and retaining employees EASIER!

One important aspect of operating profitable foodservice locations is finding, building, and training a team of employees. Retaining people – let alone the right people – is a challenge, especially in foodservice. Our goal at PFSbrands is to help you with this critical step and offer strategies to find the right WHO so you can then do WHAT it takes to become successful and profitable.  

Our PFSbrands human resource experts, also known as our People Success team, are dedicated to helping you spend more time focusing on growing your business with tools, guidance, and information on all things HR! With a Champs Chicken or BluTaco franchise, you have access to these tools via your ComTab and our proprietary People Success Playbook.

So, what can the PFSbrands People Success team do for you?



One of the biggest keys to being a successful recruiter of top talent is to recruit 100% of the time – even when you are not at work. To effectively identify candidates who can help you take your business to the next level you must know what kind of employee you desire to meet a job’s current and future responsibilities. At PFSbrands, we believe that investing your time, resources and energy to find the right talent to support your business will increase your profitability, reduce turnover and result in greater long-term success.

The PFSbrands People Success team will provide resources that help you recruit A-players such as sample job descriptions, tips on recruiting, where to look and post jobs, how to promote your job listing, and best practices for the actual interview process.


Onboarding is a critical process for engaging new hires. The best onboarding programs enable new hires to begin contributing quickly, reduce employee turnover, and increase retention.

According to GM Connect research, only 12% of employees believe their company did a good job of onboarding them. If an employee comes into a job feeling untrained and confused, the chances that they leave will increase. Workers – especially younger, more inexperienced workers, will feel overwhelmed and frustrated if they feel like they can never do anything right. Starting them off on a strong footing with the guidance from other experienced workers will lead to more confidence in their ability and greater results.

A successful onboarding program is the opportunity to teach your employees about your team’s culture, rules and regulations, job expectations and help them connect with their co-workers. You can’t afford not to onboard new team members or to onboard ineffectively. Keep your teams strong, connected, and productive by employing these key strategies to seamlessly integrate new hires.

Once you hire your new employee(s), we’ll help provide all the necessary training materials, videos, preparation sheets, and more to ensure your staff is prepared and successful!


Attracting quality employees is absolutely critical; however, retaining top performers is equally important. Research shows that high rates of turnover have a direct and negative impact on the bottom line. Here are just a few of the hard and soft costs associated with employee turnover.

  1. Reduced productivity
  2. Overworked remaining staff
  3. Low morale
  4. Lost knowledge and experience
  5. Overtime to cover vacant position
  6. Recruiting and advertising expenses
  7. Labor to onboard new hires or retrain current staff

With convenience store and grocery store annual turnover rates averaging 70% to 120% at an estimated cost of $3,000-$4,000 per employee, the hit to the bottom-line from costs incurred due to turnover can be the difference between a business surviving and thriving.

PFSbrands helps you with strategies on how to keep current employees happy, such as rewards programs, strategies to empower employees, benefits, recognition programs, and more!


For more guidance on hiring, training and retaining employees, download our free eBook: Solving Your Labor & Staffing Issues: 3 Challenges Every Foodservice Owner Faces & How to Combat Them.

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