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PFSbrands recommended equipment is built with efficiencies, durability and ease of use in mind!

At PFSbrands, we have an entire equipment division full of quality, dependable, state-of-the-art commercial kitchen equipment to get you up and running. Plus, you don’t have to be a PFSbrands retailer to order equipment from us.

KitDel®, our preferred line of equipment, is designed by deli specialists, offering the most durability and a great warranty. Developed by 50+ years of combined equipment experience and with 3,000+ commercial kitchens outfitted already, KitDel equipment was built to support the foodservice industry.

Depending on which KitDel piece of equipment you need, you’ll find that all have the same benefits:

Equipment Benefits

A few key equipment pieces in the KitDel line include the fryer, hot case and breading table. These pieces are required for all Champs Chicken franchises.


KitDel KD-EAL-45-C-1To run a fried chicken program effectively, the KitDel fryer features automatic lift basket with a programmable computer in a durable stainless-steel construction. It also includes enhanced safety features and is easy to operate, clean and maintain.

Crucial feature: automatic basket lift. The automatic basket lift ensures consistent, precise cooking every time. Overcooking a batch of chicken tenders by just 30 seconds can be devastating to the quality of the product – and produces waste. If you waste a couple batches of tenders per week because of overcooking ($18 of tenders), that adds up to nearly $2,000 in annual losses!


KitDel Hot Case

Displaying your hot, fresh product in a clean and maintained hot case is crucial to delivering a positive customer experience. The KitDel Hot Case holds products up to temperature for longer periods of time than any other hot case on the market. Top and bottom heat, easy-to-use controls, removable glass for easy cleaning and energy-efficient lighting truly set this hot case apart from its competitors.

Consider this: If you save one customer per week ($5 average ring) from having a bad visual experience with a nice hot case, you could prevent up to $13,500 in lost revenue per year (52 customers x 52 weeks x $5 dollar ring).


KitDel-Breading-and-Batter-StationThe KitDel automatic sifting table makes it simple for employees to sift the breading on a regular basis in order to create quality, consistent products. The KitDel Breading Table is easy to clean and sanitize, the smallest footprint on the market, and is efficient (when dough balls are removed it allows you to reuse a large portion of your breading).

Key Savings: We estimate average breading savings of 50-200 pounds per week when using the KitDel Breading Table (based on volume). This equates to $1,820 to $7,280 annually in breading savings per store.


In the foodservice industry with a very tight labor market, our goal is to make products and operations as simple and systematic as possible that help our franchise partners maximize their profits with their retail operations. All the equipment we require or recommend for any foodservice program – or commercial kitchen equipment in general – is built with efficiencies, durability, and ease of use in mind.


If you’re ready to learn more about how the equipment at PFSbrands can help you and your kitchen be more profitable, contact us today to get started. Regardless if you’re looking for parts, equipment, or a full franchise program, we can help!

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