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Our Regional Training Specialists Ensure Store Openings Are a Success!

One of the more critical levels of support at PFSbrands, Regional Training Specialists are your 1:1 trainer meant to take the stress off of you and your employees when getting your new foodservice program up and running. They provide extensive opening training on equipment, food prep, and more to ensure a seamless opening.

Regional Training Specialists typically spend several days with you at your store, along with your Business Advisor and Business Developer. Your Regional Training Specialist focuses on the program's operations and makes sure that each employee is getting the detailed training that they need to succeed once training is over.

Depending on the foodservice program you select, your Regional Training Specialist will cover:


  1. Cooking equipment operational training (fryers, hot case, breading table, rethermalizer, kiosk, etc.)
  2. Cooking equipment cleaning best practices


  1. ComTab (Communication Tablet) training
  2. POS system training
  3. Digital menu boards


  1. Inventory Management/Product Ordering
  2. Menu overview
  3. Set up and cleanup operations
  4. Food prep
  5. Serving, portioning, & packaging
  6. Transitioning between mealtimes (breakfast to lunch, lunch to dinner)

All of the above is to ensure that all employees are executing the SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) – and executing them correctly. Because once the Regional Training Specialist leaves, it’s important for the store’s employees to fully understand all procedures. That way, as new employees are trained, they are trained correctly. 

Our Regional Training Specialist team consists of enthusiastic and experienced professionals who want to make the training experience fun, energetic and impactful. They are there to provide best practices and ensure you are set up for success once they leave.

Our Regional Training Specialists truly live out our company motto of, “Our Support. Your Success!”


If you’re looking to implement a PFSbrands foodservice program, contact us today to learn more about how to get started.

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