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Proper planning and managing your schedule are the keys to success in starting foodservice!

When building, remodeling or implementing a new foodservice program, it can be tricky to coordinate all the moving parts and pieces. Even the most organized person can get behind schedule or miss something. At PFSbrands, we help identify all the needed steps, schedule them out, and see them through to completion with our Project Management team.

Our Project Management services are a huge asset to any retailer to get their foodservice program up and running – in fact, on average, our team can help get a store open 14 days sooner than if they weren’t involved. Meaning, if you have a $1,000-per-day revenue foodservice program, you are missing out on $14,000 in revenue without our team!

The Project Management process typically occurs in three different phases: Planning, Implementation and Completion. Let’s dive into what’s involved in each phase:



Planning Meeting

Layout walkthrough with you and your contractor. This meeting is crucial to save time and money during implementation.

  1. Electrical/mechanical specs
  2. Power drops/locations
  3. Network architecture
  4. Review of digital menu system
  5. Hood requirements/Ansul system

Schedule Key Dates

  1. Sub-contractor appointments
  2. Equipment delivery
  3. PFSNet setup and testing
  4. Pre-opening testing and verification


Weekly Updates – Keeping the Project on Time

Keeping a clear line of communication between your team and ours is the key to a successful project. Making sure each task is accomplished by the deadlines helps ensure that your new franchise is up and running in a timely fashion and you are on the road to profitability!

Updates include an executive summary of the project’s status, including:

  1. Open items, assigned responsibility, and dates
  2. Accomplished tasks for the week
  3. Major milestone dates

Installation and Setup

  1. Install and test PFSNet (wireless hub)
  2. Validate and test digital menu system
  3. Install and test point of sale equipment
  4. Install, calibrate, and test people counter
  5. Test all equipment utilizing detailed test procedures
  6. Review of inspection status
  7. Review of final operational flow


As the project is nearing completion, it’s important to understand who is in charge of what.

PFSbrands Responsibilities:

  1. Initial site review
  2. Schedule creation
  3. Providing electrical/mechanical specifications
  4. Providing equipment layout/locations
  5. Creation of network architecture (gold customers only)
  6. Managing any layout changes/change requests
  7. Testing of all equipment
  8. Managing open items/punch list
  9. Weekly communications with the team

Retailer Responsibilities:

  1. Installation of monitors
  2. Installation of equipment
  3. Power/plumbing/data, runs, and final connections
  4. Providing equipment layout/locations
  5. Fire suppression system
  6. Scheduling inspections:
    • Health
    • Fire

We truly believe our Project Management services are a key to our retailers’ success. Our VP of Project Management, Jim Spratt, says it best when he says, “Our goal is to make the process from planning to project completion as streamlined and stress-free as possible for you! We will help you get the job done quickly and correctly!”


If you’re looking to implement a PFSbrands foodservice program and think our Project Management services would be valuable, contact us today to learn more about how to get started.

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