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Holts Summit, Mo –In 2019, PFSbrands committed to supporting two non-profits by offering payroll deductions and hosting fundraising raffles – and its employee-owners followed through. Throughout the year, a combined $24,000 of employee-owners’ own money was donated to the Super Sam Foundation and the St. Clair Butterfly Foundation.

The Super Sam Foundation, located in Fulton, MO, is a pediatric cancer foundation with a mission focused on raising awareness, funding research, and supporting families in the fight against childhood cancer. Less than 4% of the National Cancer Institutes’ funding is given to pediatric cancers. The money donated goes toward not only cancer research in the area of soft tissue sarcoma, but also in providing Comfort Packs for children fighting cancer – as well as Sibling Packs and Caregiver Packs.

“This generous gift from 2019 is the largest single gift our Foundation has ever received,” states Cassie Santhuff, President and Co-Founder of the Super Sam Foundation. “The Employee Owners at PFSbrands have been sharing their time and talents to support the day to day needs of our mission for years, and to have this incredible financial support too, blows me away. In 2020, we will be funding $100,000 in research, while also expanding our reach to include additional advocacy work, expanded comfort support, and new awareness campaigns. PFSbrands' and their employee-owners understand us and our mission in a very personal way. We are beyond grateful to have their support.”

For more information about the Super Sam Foundation, visit SuperSamFoundation.com.

The St. Clair Butterfly Foundation helps young people overcome trauma, learn healthy coping mechanisms and life skills, and unlock their potential and purpose by utilizing the power of creative arts and mindfulness. From public high schools and middle schools to juvenile detention and residential facilities, SCBF helps traumatized young people find the necessary outlets and comprehensive strategies to address trauma in a productive way, beyond the boundaries of their environment as an alternative to drugs, violence, and gangs.

“PFSbrands’ donation in 2019 is unbelievable news and so greatly appreciated! With these funds, we’ll be able to expand our reach into new communities and serve even more young people,” stated Chip St. Clair, Founder of the St. Clair Butterfly Foundation.

To learn more about the St. Clair Butterfly Foundation, visit StClairButterflyFoundation.org.

Not only did PFSbrands employee-owners donate their own money to charitable causes in 2019 and live up to the company's core purpose of helping others become more successful in work and in life, but Champs Chicken corporate also committed to supporting the Super Sam Foundation by including information and links to donate in its marketing promotions, messaging, and consumer packaging.

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