may 4, 2020


To Our Valued Partners,

PFSbrands would like to THANK YOU once again for your efforts working the front lines of America’s food network during the COVID-19 crisis.

Throughout this unprecedented situation, we have continued to monitor sales and trends so that we could proactively make decisions that will best support our partners. The graph below shares the story of growth in 2020 prior to COVID-19, the headwinds that we all faced in March and April, and the positive trends reappearing in the market.

  • For the first eleven weeks of 2020, we saw on average a growth of 9% per week compared to the same time frame in 2019.
  • Week 12 saw sales beginning to decline and hit their low point for weeks 13 - 16.
  • The BIG positive to take away is the 18% increase in sales in week 17 (2020) vs week 16 (2020).
YoY Wholesaler to Retailer Sales

On a webinar last week by Datassential, they noted that 41% of survey respondents supported the opening of deli prepared food areas on May 1st. This was third on the list behind public parks and salons/barbershops but ahead of restaurants (31%), cafeterias (26%) and bars (18%).

In summary, PFSbrands wanted to reach out to show our thanks and appreciation for all that you’ve done during these challenging times. You have our support now more than ever as we gear up to RESTART and meet the consumer demands.

Thank you! Stay Healthy, Stay Safe!

Best regards,

SB Sig

Shawn Burcham
Founder & CEO