March 25, 2020

To our valued partners:

Supermarkets, convenience stores and travel plazas are the backbone of your community, and we are proud to support you. As you navigate this difficult situation because of COVID-19, I want you to know that we appreciate you serving our country on the front lines during this time of crisis.

As I stated in previous communication, PFSbrands is still distributing products and we do not foresee any product shortages on our end at this point. Please review inventory levels for your food service items, and work with your PFSbrands Business Advisor as necessary, to ensure your store(s) can keep up with demand from your customers. As our wholesale partners deal with large orders, please be patient as they do their best to keep you stocked with as many products as possible.

With so many foodservice establishments being forced to shut down and/or limit their services, supermarkets and convenience stores will be relied on for food options. PFSbrands is committed to helping you implement processes and packaged solutions to provide for your community and help your customers move quickly through your store while reducing risk.

To help, we created a COVID-19 Resources website with details on how to implement these solutions, including:

  • Increasing pre-packaged hot Grab & Go meals and snacks
  • Promoting pre-packaged Cold Case meal solutions
  • Providing EBT/SNAP products
  • Utilizing drive-thru (if applicable) or curb-side pick-up options
    • With many people facing unemployment, you could provide job opportunities in your community by hiring additional staff to implement curb-side pick-up services to better serve your customers.
  • And more!

We will send you a short summary email when new information is added to this page.

I am 100% confident in the resiliency of the convenience store and supermarket operator. These are challenging times, but we will do everything we can to ensure your business remains strong and has the necessary resources to serve your customers. If you need any assistance, please contact your Business Advisor or our Customer Success Team at (855) 632-3373 or email us at

Stay strong,


SB Sig

Shawn Burcham
Founder & CEO