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Forbes website logoAs a newly-formed ESOP (employee-owned company) we are passionate to share this important message with other businesses. Here is an excerpt from the article featuring PFSbrands on Forbes.com!

PFSbrands CEO Shawn Burcham with Champs Chicken

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"Our opportunity is limitless,” says Burcham. “We could continue to grow at a double-digit pace for 30 to 40 years, maybe beyond that. But we’re going to need everyone’s commitment here to scale like that."
- Shawn Burcham, Founder & CEO



You can read the full article on Forbes.com ...

here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/darrendahl/2017/03/28/why-esops-can-be-more-than-an-exit-strategy/#23a6173f218c

More about PFSbrands

PFSbrands provides several successful hot food brands to the c-store and supermarket industries – Champs Chicken®, BluTaco and Cooper’s Express®. Champs Chicken uses a unique "business-within-a-business" franchise model. BluTaco is a "business-within-a-business" franchise model that offers bold southwest flavors. Cooper’s Express is built on a simple supply agreement. All programs feature no upfront franchise fees and no on-going royalty fees, they each have a unique set of benefits. The company distributes its branded products out of it’s 65,000 sq. ft. corporate headquarters and national distribution center located in Holts Summit, Missouri. With over 1,200 branded locations in 38+ states, the company has been ranked by INC. Magazine as one of the "Fastest Growing Privately-Held Companies in the USA" for the last 9 years. For more information on partnering with our company, interested parties can call (888) 581-9188.