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Revenue Boosting Strategies for Your Location

What are a few revenue boosting strategies you can implement today that can have serious effects on your bottom-line? Check out what some of our top-performing stores are doing and their revenue boosting strategies!

Start generating more revenue...

Along with open book management and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), comes the use of mini games to track performance and boost results. This past quarter we held a mini game for our Champs Chicken locations to boost volume and revenue. Here's what our top 10 stores were doing this past quarter to drive massive volume growth.

Sometimes it can be as simple as training your employees on customer service methods. Here are 4 effective tips that your employees can use to witness an immediate sales lift… In some cases a 20x daily item sales lift!

  1. Friendly, standard greeting
    Create a standard greeting all your employees use to welcome your consumers. For instance, “Hi, welcome to Champs Chicken! How may I help you?"
    Quick Stat: Friendly service can lead to repeat customers which leads to increased revenue…
  2. Suggestive Selling
    When customers are considering what to purchase, suggest your promotional items to keep them top of mind and in front of the consumer!
    Quick Stat: Increase sales by 27% using descriptive terms of your menu items…
  3. Upsell
    One great way to create more revenue is to upsell your side items to customers. Suggest wedges or the cinnamon apples to provide a full meal. More often than not, they will want the extras!
    Quick Stat: $1 upsell per 50 customers a day = $18,250/year in revenue…
  4. Fried chicken samplesSampling
    This should be your bread and butter and is a great way to improve your bottom-line directly. Sample sauced chicken tenders (cut in thirds) or dippers to customers at your location to get them over to the hot case and buying your items. Sample in high traffic areas such as by the door.
    Quick Stat: Obtain same day sales lifts ranging from 200 percent to 2,000 percent with an effective sampling program…

Strong Sales Year-Round

Look, I’m sure you know exactly how important it is to have highly effective employees behind your counter. They are the face of your foodservice program and your revenue revolves around their performance.  Bad service = decreased revenue. That’s why these tips are so important to implement – especially since they are so easy to implement


From having the correct signage (and enough of it) to having your employees prepared, every promotion comes down to execution. More specifically in this instance, employee execution. Take a few minutes and discuss these simple strategies with your employees and develop a game plan for implementing them!

By getting strong employee engagement in place with these tips, you can start crushing it just like these stores are! It’s your year to shine!

Curious about implementing one of our foodservice programs at your location? Contact us today to see how we can help!