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Executive Communication

When it comes to business communication, what haven’t we already discussed? We’ve hit on everything from an intranet platform to an open door policy, but what about getting out there and connecting with your employees as CEO? Talked to Gary lately? Gary who? Exactly!

Executive Communication and Employee Morale

While this might be overlooked, it shouldn’t be undervalued. The morale of your team is the essence of the living organism that is your company. Disgruntled, unhappy employees lead to turnover which leads to costly recruiting or employees not living up to their true potential. Get out there and see how your employees are feeling. Chat with them. Get to know them. This goes a long way in building the culture and the team-first environment many strive for.

Executive Communication Connecting with your employeesEducational Opportunity

One thing about a company that follows the Great Game of Business is that they are constantly educating their employees on how to play the game, understanding the financials of the company and finding ways to improve those financials. Getting out on the floor and connecting with your employees is another way to stress the importance of these metrics.

It’s a great way to get to know where your employees’ financial education stands and if there are any gaps that need to be filled, firsthand! It doesn’t have to be a sermon each time either, your employees might dread talking to you if that’s the case. Just casually ask them what they thought about the financials during the last huddle.

Get Firsthand Feedback

This goes hand-in-hand with the first two points. Talking face-to-face with your employees is a great way to gauge their mindset, what’s working in the company and more importantly, what’s not working. While many people like to “discuss” their feedback via email, you can gauge their true mindset by reading their facial expression and hearing their voice. Go out and ask the tough questions to everyone.

Case Study

One way to communicate with all of your employees in person is to address their questions or concerns at your huddles. You are having monthly huddles, right? During our monthly huddles at PFSbrands, our CEO Shawn Burcham addresses all of our questions during the “Straight Talk Zone.” Over the previous month, the employees can anonymously submit questions or remarks for Shawn to answer at the upcoming huddle.

It’s a highly effective way for people to ask what’s on their minds and get the unadulterated truth. Just think how much trust this evokes and builds respect for the leadership of our company! Executive communication really matters!


PFSbrands CEO Shawn Burcham speaking during a huddle

It takes time to add new strategies into your company that are aimed are changing its culture. The important thing is to get everyone on board and pushing that flywheel in the same direction…The directions towards a more connected, productive, efficient company!As we close out our look into how you can improve your business communication, it isn’t about implementing every single one of these communication avenues. Start with one or two of these strategies. Take your time implementing them, get comfortable with them and then add a new one.

If you have any questions on how to improve the culture of your foodservice company drop us an email or call 855-632-3373.

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