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Looking for a Brand Name Foodservice?

Trust us, we know that there are hundreds of foodservice options out there but how do you choose the right one? Go with a cheaper generic brand or choose a brand name? Apart from the actual product and the support those programs provide, it’s also important to choose a brand name program. Why is it important? Well, it’s what the customers want.

Get this, NACS Show data reported in CSP Daily News indicated that 53% of all foodservice customers are looking for a brand name and that jumps to 61% for millennials! Why would it matter to your perspective customers? It’s all about the trust factor!

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Brand Names Provide a Blanket of Security

Right or wrong, today’s choosey customers are looking for sure bets when it comes to their purchases. Many times, they simply steer away from unbranded or obscure brands to the simple fact that they can’t find any feedback from friends or have never heard of it. There comes a sense of security and trust when you find a foodservice you’ve used before or have at least seen – you know they must be doing something right if they’ve been around for years, right? Hopefully at least…

Usually this is completely subconscious and not something we naturally think about. It’s why organizations spend billions on “branding”, they want to get their brands in front of people as much as possible. The more they see it, the more likely they are to trust it and thus spend their money there! This applies to any foodservice you are looking for as well!

They are In It for the Long Haul

Another perk when it comes to bringing in a brand name foodservice is simply longevity. If they have been able to build a recognizable brand they have some serious staying power. What I mean is that 90 – 96% of all business fail within 10 years. You don’t want to sign up with an obscure program that folds in 2 years leaving you high and dry…

Be sure to educate yourself on the brand names you are looking into, at least make sure they’ve been around longer than 10 years. This can put your mind at ease (although you truly never know what could happen) that they will still be there to support you 5 years down the road. This support and peace of mind can be invaluable. Don’t even get me started to brand support, that’s another article altogether!

The Power of the Brand

C-store foodservice program Champs ChickenOne of the best things behind a powerful brand is that they have multiple units spread across the country. This allows them (hopefully if they have good leadership in place) to witness nationwide trends and be ahead of the curve.

This means they can put the products the public wants in front of the public when they want it – this will greatly improve your revenue! Likewise, it also allows them to negotiate better prices via their massive volume which will trickle down to you in larger margins… it’s a win-win for everyone.

The ability to have the data set on national trends and having the buying power to ensure you get the best price and therefore revenue, makes partnering with a nationwide brand that much more desirable!


Still don’t think a brand name matters in your store, huh? I’ll let the authors from a study out of Duke University and the University of Wisconsin sum it up, “…brands can automatically activate purchase goals in individuals and that these goals can influence consumers’ product preferences without their awareness or conscious intent.” Basically, our responses to many well-known brands is rooted in our subconscious!

If you are looking for a company with name brand programs with 1000+ locations, in 35+ states and voted as one of America’s fastest growing privately held businesses for the last 8 years, look no further than PFSbrands’ programs like our flagship program Champs Chicken. You get the brand and support you need to improve your revenue – reach out to us and find out!

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