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Finding ways to grow your profit can be difficult while gas margins and former profit makers sales are declining. In this time of declining profits, foodservice programs are becoming a differentiator for convenience stores as a way to earn profit and attract new regular customers.

All foodservice programs are not created equal, the best programs will support you through promotional efforts, training and focus on growing your sales. Here are 5 ways the right foodservice program grows your store.

1. Increases Customer Engagement and Loyalty

A foodservice program requires a different level of engagement with your customers. While normally they can walk in and bring a few items to the counter, or just pay at the pump, a food order is a much more engaged process. Your customers get the personal experience they want and build loyalty to not just your company, but your team. They become repeat traffic that you can rely on as a steady stream of business.

2. Increase In-Store Traffic and Rings

More customers aren’t even walking into convenience stores anymore, they pay at the pump and are on their way. A foodservice program, especially one promoted at your pumps and outside your store, draws these customers back through your doors. This doesn’t just impact your prepared food sales, but also increases sales for beverages and other items your customers would otherwise pick up elsewhere.

3. Create Demand with New Types of Customers

Depending on your location, opening a grab-and-go foodservice program can draw in new types of customers. Busy professionals from warehouses, schools, hospitals and business parks all need somewhere to eat quickly and turn to quick serve offerings. A high-quality foodservice program with consistent products gives these customers a reason to shop at your store on a daily basis.

4. Beat the Competition

If you find yourself competing with many other convenience stores for the attention of customers, a foodservice program will help differentiate you from the rest of the pack. This is especially true if you work with a vendor that has an undying level of dedication to quality, consistency and support.

5. Work with a Partner That Keeps Your Interests as Their Focus

All of this is moot if your foodservice program doesn’t support you and provide high-quality products. It’s important to find a partner that will do more than send you a few signs or offers or some free equipment instead of constant collaboration on methods to increase your sales. The right partner should:

  • Support training your staff.
  • Focus on ways they can help increase your sales.
  • Promotional and marketing support.
  • Offer high-quality and consistent product.

If your partner doesn’t work with you on these things, then it might be time for someone who does things differently. After all, a vendor’s success relies on your success.

Adding a foodservice program gives you several ways to increase your sales beyond being another department or line-item. If you are looking for ways to create a more successful convenience store, then look no further than prepared foods.

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