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Foodservice Program Roadblocks?

Roadblocks, barriers, hurdles… whatever you call them, when people hear that they can improve their sales per square foot one of these usually comes to mind. But how important is your sales per square foot anyways?

Time to start your foodservice program...

First of all let's dive into how important the sales per square foot metric is for your store. Get this:

“According to a 2013 study, the average convenience store size was roughly 2,500 square feet. But how profitable are these square feet? For that year, c-stores that ranked in the top quartile in profitability averaged $67 per square foot while those in the bottom quartile saw $34 per square foot – they were twice as productive!”

Obviously, you want to have a profitable store but sometimes it takes big changes to drastically change this slow moving metric quickly. So what’s stopping you? Here are 4 common barriers or excuses people use to not start a foodservice program:

  • Not enough cash flow
  • Afraid to do it alone
  • Already tried and failed
  • Afraid to pull the trigger

Not Enough Cash Flow

Convenience c-store aisleWe get it, you don’t want to tie up a big chunk of cash in a capital expenditure which could hamstring your store. It’s a valid point but PFSbrands can help you through that. First, PFSbrands can provide very financially healthy leasing options which can help break up your payments and make them more manageable.

Secondly, as a smart business person you are conscientious of your return on investment or at least the payback period for your original investment. Doesn’t make much sense to tie up all of your cash in something that takes forever to return your original payment. At PFSbrands, we can walk you through the payback period for adding one of our foodservice locations to show you how affordable it can be!

Afraid To Do It Alone

One fear that many owners have is trying something big without knowing where to turn. Will they have the time? What are the first steps? This leads many owners to not look into a full hot food program because they don’t know exactly where to start… or at least they put it off until they have more time for more in depth research. At PFSbrands our Business Developers (BDs) are there to make the process as seamless and easy as possible. Just tell us your ideal location in your store and then we create a layout, order equipment and train the employees to help you get up and running.

Once you are up and running, our Business Advisors (BAs) come in and help you with any questions you have. They can order your signage, retrain staff, create marketing plans, create hot case layouts…etc. This support team is the ultimate time saver and a great way to get started!

Already Tried and Failed

Fear of failure is real, especially if you’ve already tried something before. Why try again if it’s already failed once? How or why would it possibly work a second time? Well, I guarantee you didn’t have the support behind you that we offer you this go-round. We are serious when we say our motto “Our Support. Your Success.”

PFSbrands customer success team manager for a foodservice programOur support can be simply described as fanatical. PFSbrands has the best support in the foodservice industry. We offer 5 levels of support that start from the time you even inquire about our programs. We’ve already discussed our BDs and BAs but we also have our Customer Success team, Marketing team and The Print Shop.

The Customer Success team is there to answer any questions you have. Want to know something about margins? Order more product? Need menu help? Anything you can think of, this team is here to help you succeed! On top of that, you get your own marketing team and a full print shop to help you create custom promotions to drive more products and increase your revenue.

Trust me, you’ve never tried a program like ours!

Afraid to Pull the Trigger

The above barriers to starting a foodservice program usually cause many owners to hesitate when trying to increase their sales per square foot and it’s understandable. It’s a big undertaking and not something to be taken lightly. PFSbrands doesn’t claim to be a one-size fits all foodservice approach nor the answer for EVERYONE. But… for the committed owner who is looking to partner with the best in the business it could be the perfect revenue solution.

Before making any decision give us a call and we can talk you through any questions you have. If we are a good fit for each other, we will send one of our field staff out to your site for a free instore demonstration.

How much more “no strings attached” can you ask for?

You can literally get some of the best information in the business all for free just for checking us out.


Why would we offer all of this for free? It’s because we know that once you see that we will go the extra mile for our customers, how great our products are, and how great our people are you will be chomping at the bit to partner with us.

Together we can create the effective combination that ultimately leads to improving your stores sales per square foot! Email us or give us a call today at 855-632-3373 and we can get started!